Evolve Beyond Act! and Excel

Increase sales and leads by locating, qualifying and partnering with social media affiliates and publishers faster than ever before.

More sales require more affiliates but affiliate marketing is an inherently in-efficient strategy... until now. Our system guarantees to increase marketing managers' productivity so they get more done in less time.

Unshackle yourself from affiliate network email systems

Streamline your routine affiliate marketing processes with

  • A Full Suite of Contact Management & eMail Tools
  • Productivity & Affiliate Status Reports
  • Anytime Data Import & Export
  • Secure Database with Full Data Backup
  • User Orientation & Support
  • Access Top Affiliate/Publisher Profiles
  • Money Back Guarantee
The Partner Maker Reviews
Contact Management Software
Weekly Insight

Jeff Molander hosts a week in review -- what's happening in the world of Web marketing.

This Week's Gossip and News:

  • Weekly News and The Biggest Web Digital Marketing Trends of 2007
  • Social Media, Search & Collaborative Dating
  • Church+State and Networks Inheriting the Earth
  • Trust, Authenticity, Relevance and Digital Ethics
  • Punch the Monkey: What is 'Quality Content' Anyway?
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